Choosing the right massage chair involves careful consideration. With tons of features, styles, and massage techniques, choosing the right chair can be a challenge. Thankfully, Relax U provides patient and professional consultation that leads to a perfect match. To assist you with your research, this buying guide defines some common terms related to massage chairs.

2D Massage Chair

The simplest and most affordable massage chair is a 2D chair. 2D refers to the two ways in which the massage rollers move. The rollers move side to side and up and down from the neck to the lower back. A 2D chair eases stress and offers effective relief from back pain and sore muscles. Many 2D chairs come with added features like heat therapy and zero gravity positioning. Overall, 2D chairs provide a comfortable massage experience at an economical price.

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3D Massage Chair

Like a 2D massage chair, the rollers in a chair with 3D technology move side to side and up and down. 3D refers to the movement of roller heads that get deeper into the neck and back by pushing outward from the track. Users control the intensity of the massage by increasing or decreasing the degree of protrusion. With added features like heat and zero gravity, 3D massage chairs provide exceptional relief and relaxation benefits.

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4D Massage Chair

Offering the most human-like touch of any of the massage chairs, 4D technology mimics the techniques of Japanese massage. The rollers in a therapeutic 4D massage chair speed up and slow down to give attention to certain muscle areas. Users control the depth and rhythm of the massage. These premium massage chairs are unmatched in the rejuvenation and relaxation they provide.

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Buyer’s Guide Tip: For the most human-like touch, choose a 3D or 4D massage chair.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

In a zero-gravity reclining massage chair, the user reclines all the way back to a neutral body position, evenly distributing weight. The zero gravity recline position helps increase circulation, reduce swelling, and maximize comfort.

S-Track Massage Chair

The S-track massage chair is equipped with a roller that extends from the neck to the lower back. S is short for “sinusoidal,” which means “wave.” An S-track is curved to follow the curve of the spine.

L-Track Massage Chair

The L-track massage chair is equipped with a roller than extends from the neck, past the lower back, and ending at the glutes or hamstrings. The L-Track massage offer more coverage than an S-Track.

Body scan technology

A common feature in zero gravity recliners, body scan technology personalizes your massage experience based on your body size and shape.

Bluetooth and app connectivity

Users enhance the massage experience by syncing the chair to their favorite music or podcast.

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Customizable programs

At the touch of a button, users choose the massage that suits their specific goals. They can choose from a variety of programs available or create a custom program.

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This buying guide defines some of the most common terms related to massage chairs. For an in-depth consultation with an expert, contact us today. Relax U will help determine which massage chair fits your lifestyle and pocketbook.