As an authorized dealer of Infinity and Titan brands, Relax U partners with two reputable manufacturers to offer the highest quality products at a competitive price. Buyers save by paying no sales tax, and shipping fees are free for standard delivery. Buyers can choose easy payment and financing options, even if the buyers have less-than-perfect credit. Qualified buyers are eligible for 0% financing.

Relax U partners with trusted payment processing merchants, PayPal and Venmo. Each of these merchants uses the latest safeguards to protect confidential information and prohibit unauthorized purchases. At the check-out, select the payment option that works best for you.

Financing Options

Relax U partners with Klarna and Terrace Finance to give you hassle-free financing options and a better overall shopping experience. Look for the pink Klarna logo at the check-out to arrange financing.

Questionable credit? 

Consider applying for Terrace Finance. For buyers with less-than-ideal credit, Terrace Credit might be the more suitable finance option. Terrace Finance considers all credit profiles, no matter what your credit situation. Fill out an application at to get started.

Relax Now & Pay Later

Relax now and pay later with Klarna and Terrace Finance financing options. For information about payment options and massage chair features, contact us today. Relax U will help determine which payment option fits your lifestyle and pocketbook.

A Massage Chair Selected Just for You

Massage chairs come in so many varieties. Users need trustworthy and reliable information to make a smart purchase. That’s where Relax U really excels. Relax U helps users select massage chairs that look great, operate easily, and fit their lifestyle. Whether you’re petite, burly, or somewhere in between, Relax U has a competitively priced massage chair you’ll enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

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